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2023.5 at XiaMen

About Me

  • Hello, I'm Wei Liu (刘维). Here are my Email, Github and Google Scholar.
    • 2014-2018: Bachelor of Communication Engineering in BUPT
    • 2018-2021: Master of Computer Engineering in CIST Lab@BUPT
    • 2021-2023: NLP Researcher, Tencent
    • 2023.8: I will be working as a RA at THUNLP, in collaboration with Prof. Zhiyuan Liu
    • 🙋🏻‍♂ Now actively seeking Ph.D. opportunities (2024 Spring/Fall) on NLP/LLM!

Research Interests

  • I focus on exploring the intelligence in deep natural language processing models when compressing and summarizing languages. I believe that in the process of language compression lies the birth of knowledge and intelligence.
  • I also started to explore the next stage of intelligence in natural languages by studying LLM multi-agent behaviors in a complex environment or society. It is still an early exploration and I am interested in several potential research directions, including:
    • let LLMs build and use complicated tools with multi-agent collaboration
    • self-organization and automatic job differentiation in multi-agent collaboration
    • alignment in multi-agent activities
    • improve the communication efficiency among agents
    • make multi-agent activities improve LLMs

Research Details

  • More Comprehensive and Factual Summarization:
    • Introduce Determinantal Point Processes to solve the attention degeneration in Summarization[1].
    • Discover the subjective bias in public summarization datasets which leads to text degeneration[2].
    • Design a fine-tuning schema based on mutual information that minimizes hallucination in summarization[3].
    • Improve the sentiment consistency in abstractive summarization through a memory-based approach[4].
    • Scientific Paper Summarization, Multi-lingual Lay Summarization, Long Document Summarization[5,6,7].
  • More Accurate and Controllable Keyphrase Prediction:
    • Consider Keyphrase Ranking as an MRC task that better leverages PLM to improve performance. (Patent-only)
    • Develop a unified present/absent Keyphrase Prediction method[8].
    • Explore Controllable Keyphrase Generation as an early attempt at prompt engineering[9].
  • Multi-Agents powered by LLMs:
    • Release a repo for building complicated tools within a LLM multi-agent virtual environment: ChatDev[10]

Industrial Experience

  • At Tencent, I aim to improve the performance of News Feed Recommendations and Advertising.
    • Improve the NLU ability for News Feed Recommendation by more accurate and controllable keyphrase prediction.
    • Introducing non-commercial behaviors into advertising modeling through graph modeling.
    • Explore stable and end-to-end feature quantization methods for Advertising models.
    • Diverse user interest modeling in a diffusion-based way[In Submission].
    • Achieve better tradeoffs between single-tower and two-tower models during the recall/pre-rank stage in Advertising[In Submission].


  • My Google Scholar
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code paper
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